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Luxury party tents can be achieved without sides too

Think of it! It’s wedding ceremony day of your sister, daughter or companion. She badly wanted with an outdoor wedding, but you, is the conscientious and trusted support on her, suggested that the guests might be below comfortable. If your outdoor wedding is incorporated in the spring or fall, your attendees risk being cold. If it’s during the warm months, the attendees might be hot. During any season, rain, whether heavy or light, is always a danger factor. So that you can help her achieve the wedding of her dreams, declare that she consider utilising party tents to help keep everyone as comfortable as you possibly can.

Whether it’s being married, a crucial birthday or anniversary, fundraiser, community event, or some other form of important gathering, you should be certain your invited guests have the best possible time. If this type of event actually is going on over the summer, you can’t get it wrong by buying luxury party tents to give your guests the best indoor-outdoor experience they could possibly have whatever the elements is. Among the many advantages of this kind of tent is the sides roll along so you can decide what you must do using them depending on just what the weather is.
wedding tents
In case that to become warm and dry, you are able to roll the sides up and feel that you’re outside but nonetheless have covering in the sun. If it’s wet or damp, guests are safe by walls that roll down on the party tents. These tents are made to be fun to look at and fun to work with. Some of them feature windows which might be attractively shaped. These are plastic and also have white rims across the ends that imitate window panes.

Luxury party tents can be achieved without sides too. Some are simply sustained by metal poles and possess colorful roofs that can be candy striped as well. Bright blue and red are some of the more popular colors to the candy striped tents. These canopies lend an incredibly festive appearance to your event they get lucky and offered at. People love congregating with a tent and chatting with drinks at your fingertips, since the feeling of contained outdoor space is pleasant and attractive. So the very next time you’re going to host a backyard event, give you a party tent an attempt and see how much better it makes your party.


They are the ideal solution for covering your outdoor party

I am aware that most people are skeptic to rent or buy a tent for the big important party and maybe you are one of them. The reason why just for this can vary greatly, but a few of the reasons I prefer to know is that they are too expensive and too much to gather. Obviously everything is relative, but below I will provide you with ten reasons behind hosting the next important party in the tent.

Most of these tents can be quite a great strategy to a garden party for several reasons. They have got vertical walls and this offers you maximum utilisation of the floor area. Party tents will also be delivered in sections to help you always add more sections for your party tent if you’d like.

For me party tents will almost always be the answer associated with preference when I host whether formal or perhaps an informal party and increasing numbers of people now begin to see the benefits and are obtaining around the idea. Lately there’s literally been an outburst inside the number and models available of party tents. Regardless of what sort of party you are throwing, you can be certain that might be a tent that completely fits your needs.


Further down a ten reasons on why you too should select an event tent next time you happen to be hosting the purpose:

1. They are the ideal solution for covering your outdoor party.

2. They are often used without or with the side and end panels.

3. They may be totally portable and still provide protection and security.

4. They are really simple to assemble and come with full instructions.

5. They may be found pre-made and fully customized for many outdoor parties.

6. They provide a portable haven from your outdoor conditions.

7. They may be an extremely cheaper option than employing a restaurant and you’ve got the main benefit of keeping it afterwards.

8. They are made to provide shelter on your guests.

9. These come in various sizes and you’re simply guaranteed to locate a model that meets your preferences.

10. They’re very economical in comparison with other solutions, which makes them well suited for most occasions.

Everything you need to know about party tents are available online or perhaps in your local mall. Simply pick one that best suites your require the best, there simply isn’t any benefit solution.

Renting a good tent is important when planning a backyard wedding

Renting a good tent is important when planning a backyard wedding. While tents give you a cozy and personal touch for the whole outdoor wedding decor, in addition they shield you and your guests from unfavorable climatic conditions. Tents are also more flexible than existing facilities because you have more options regarding where you would like to have your wedding. However, they cost more and costs you around $3,000 to $6,000 with no extras for example lighting, flooring, and the expense of delivery, setup, and removal.

Kinds of Wedding Tents:

These are the popular tents that you might look at before picking a choice.

Party Canopy: This is the lightweight tent built to protect from sun and rain. Installation is simple, and low-cost to lease compared to other forms.

Pop-up Canopy: Another lightweight tent with collapsible-frame fabric. Installation can also be easy.

Frame Tent: A tent which has a metal frame having no center poles. The rental company usually installs it.

Tension tent: This type is built with higher center poles, a steeply sloped ceiling, using a more open feeling inside the tent.

Pole Tent: This type has poles throughout the perimeter plus the very center, that’s very simple for harsher conditions. The rental company will do the installation.

Location and Flooring:

The very best place for creating the marriage tent is with an even high ground, and will be clear of overhead utility lines. If the site has uneven terrain or experiences high rainfall, attempt to include plywood or plastic flooring. Plywood could be expensive however it will supply a durable raised floor and is also suitable for almost any form of terrain. Plastic floor is perfect for paved surfaces and is also much cheaper than plywood floors. Also consider parquet-wood floor that you can use because oasis.

Size the Tent:

There’s no harm in renting a tent that’s somewhat greater than actually required. Create a tent size in which your guests could be comfortably seated. Here’s how you should estimate tent seating specifications:

All chairs in rows: 6 feet square per person Round tables: 12 square feet per person Rectangular tables: 8 sq ft per person Cocktails and receptions: 8 feet square per person

In addition to these specifications, figure in the bar area, cake table, band area buffet tables, and party area.

Colour of the Tent:

The traditional color for tents is white but you can select from all kinds and combinations, depending on the theme and mood of your wedding. By way of example, if you need a romantic starlit night sky to join in on your wedding reception, rent a tent which has a translucent ceiling. Sidewalls might be solid white for additional private affairs, clear vinyl to permit in natural light, and cathedral-window walls to get a more decorative touch.


Remember that every rental firm even offers optional accessories which may really underscore the decor of your wedding and also the tent. Choose those that will fit to the theme and tone from the wedding. Other accessories that you just can’t do without might include air-conditioning (for areas with extreme climates), carpeting, portable bars, decorative lighting etc. tips about different tents and camping.

liri tents

liri tents

Party tents really are a common fixture at many outdoor parties and flea markets

Party tents really are a common fixture at many outdoor parties and flea markets. Essentially, any event outdoors warrants conditions party tent to protect items, food, or people. While dealers of tarps and portable garage shelters will have these shelters within their product offerings, the structures are widely-used as temporary shelter. Each one of these, irrespective of shape or size, is constructed from a powder-coated steel frame plus a polyester canopy roof that has been treated to get UV resistant and waterproof. Additionally, many of these are designed in one-piece and, when being build, the frame folds by helping cover their the canopy. Regardless of whether it doesn’t, one with a separate canopy still takes only a few minutes to put together or take down outdoors.

Traditionally, many imagine party tents as being smaller and square shaped, well suited for individual use. Such structures, however, are created over a larger scale for weddings. Often referred to as a married relationship tent, these steel structures can cover a sizable position for every day to guard guests at an outdoor wedding. Similarly, such wedding tents, when used for a reception or ceremony, should be anchored into the ground and so are ideal being a central meeting area for guests. As a possible outdoor wedding for any large group can cover a substantial area, multiple tents could be attached together to get the guests enough shade outdoors.

If you’re planning to be outdoors for an event, having a party tent on hand is a good idea. In the cases of flea markets and outdoor trade shows, such a structure can shelter you and your goods from the sun and, in case of rain, will continue to protect you during such weather changes. Such a shelter gives the same protection at family events or outdoor parties at home or at the beach. Use a party tent to give your guests shelter and to shade your food outdoors. In all cases, smaller tents can be attached together to cover a larger area with shade and, in order to stay in the ground, all should be anchored with metal stakes.

party tents

party tents

event tents

event tents

If you’re planning on buying or renting a party tent

If you’re planning on buying or renting a party tent on an outdoor event it is very important to set a great deal of forethought into how big tent you must order. Finding out how big a tent you may need for your upcoming private or corporate event isn’t just an event of the amount of guests you are inviting. A number of other inter-related factors must also be taken into consideration in order that your guests are safe and comfortable all the time which your event is really a resounding success.

Obviously, the amount of guests you expect inviting to a event is a vital factor, but ultimately the optimum tent size depends on the event you’re organizing and whether your invited guests are expected being standing or sitting. Like a general proposition, cocktails and other alike type events that offer no seating to guests require approximately eight or ten square feet per person. The same is true of events providing linear seating arrangements such as multiple rows of chairs employed for church ceremonies, presentations or live entertainment. However, in case you are seating your invited guests around round tables, banquet tables, using serpentine tables to produce more elaborate seating arrangements or are planning a dancing and disco style party you should look at allocating roughly 12 to fifteen sq . ft . per person.

Another crucial factor that impacts tent size is the type of entertainment planned for guests. Dancing floors, bars, buffet tables, staging, platforms and podiums occupy a lot of space. If you focus exclusively on the number of invited guests without adding sufficient room for equipment and entertainment your guests may find it difficult to move safely and comfortably. Do not forget to include waiters, bartenders, musicians and other personnel! They need room to operate safely as well without bumping into your guests.

This is simply a guide and you may want to adjust how much space you and your guests truly need when you are responsive to their unique physical characteristics. As an example, if a lot of guests are children, a slightly smaller tent might be sufficient to allow for all your guests comfortably. However, if you’re planning a adult only event, you should look at shooting for a somewhat more spacious tent to make sure that all of your guests feel comfortable.

After you have a difficult idea of the entire number of guests, the personnel and the seating arrangements and entertainment you would like to offer, you are able to see how big a tent you need. As an illustration, if you’re planning a standing party for 200 guests and no other form of entertainment, you will need a tent that is at the very least 30×75 feet covering 2250 feet square. However, should you be inviting you and your guests by sitting around tables you will need a tent that is certainly at least 40×80 so they cover 3200 square feet. In the event you also would like to add a 12×16′ party area, you may naturally have to increase the tent size to 40×100 feet. Within the alternative, you may wish to generate a separate tent beside the top level tent for dancing.

There are several industry standard tent sizes available, and if you’d like special sizes, you can even order tailor made party tents from your tent manufacturer specializing in custom tents and tent-tops. However, prior to ordering anything, ensure that the venue you might have selected can accommodate necessary tent size. Keep in mind that pole tents generally require a different 8 feet around their perimeter for staking which frame tents also require additional space for positioning weights. Many reputable tent and event specialists provide free site checks and will also be more than happy to help you evaluate what size tent is ideal for your distinct needs. So avoid any nasty surprises and refer to them as for advice. 

party tents

party tents

Seven Types of Rental Tents For Your Next Meeting Or Party

Rental tents can be found in lots of types and sizes. Equally as Microsoft offers a number of products for their customers,tent and party rental publication rack constantly preparing their inventories and tinkering with services depending on customer demand. While there are a large number of tent styles on the market,they are able to be classified into seven distinct types.

event tents

event tents

  1. European STYLE CLEARSPAN TENT: Such a tent is identified by its box-beam design,A-shaped support structure as well as lack of any interior supports or exterior tie-downs (guy-lines). It is for both short and long-term rentals (a couple of days to years) with minimal maintenance which is the strongest and most safe from natures elements tent for the rental market. It generally rents for further money than any other style tent,but as its use began within the U.S. thirty years ago it really is quickly the predominant rental tent for a variety of uses. Clear span tents are modular and range in space from 100 sq . ft . to in excess of 100,000 sq ft. The Eu style is by far the most popular tent rented or sold in the United States because great utility and quick and easy installation.

  2. CURVED BEAM STYLE CLEARSPAN TENT: The curved beam clear span tent has many of the same popular features of the eu style but runs on the curved beam support structure as opposed to the classic A shaped frame. The curved beam style is utilized by mostly smaller rental companies and is not particularly popular.

  3. TENSION TENTS (single center pole): This type of tent is seen as its use of constant tension on all the fabric (not only support bands) which is a crucial part of the tents design and engineering. A tension tent traditionally has interior poles and exterior guy-lines for support and can be manufactured in several size and shapes. The only center pole design only requires one row of center poles running down the middle of the tent

  4. TENSION TENTS (twin center poles): This type of tension tent is comparable to the singe center pole design with the exception that it utilizes two (twin) rows of center poles which enable for a larger tent.

  5. FRAME TENTS (hip roof style): Frame tents are produce of round tube aluminum and steel fittings developing a framework this agreement the pad roof is attached. The framework carries the load along with the fabric merely acts as a weather barrier. Frame tents generally are smaller,ranging in dimensions from 100 feet square to 3,200 sq ft.

  6. FRAME TENTS (peaked roof style): Similar to the hip roof style tent except that it utilizes an aesthetically appealing peaked roof.

  7. POLE TENTS: A pole tent s what we traditionally imagine being a circus style tent. It is pole supported and is also tensioned via guy-lines and stakes. Its still popular but is losing value more highly to tension and clearspan tents for a number of reasons for example design,size,strength and weather resistance.

Party Tent Rentals Shade Your Party

Throwing a celebration through the summer could be a hot and daunting task if you are using a party inside your backyard, in a parking zone, or with a park. Where will be the guests going to get shade when they require it at your party? The top solution if you have no shade your event is always to rent a tent for your party and still provide nice shade for the guests at the party.

Party tents come in several shapes, sizes, and also different colors! The best looking type of party tent could be the “festival” or “pinnacle” type of high-peak frame tent available from most high-end rental companies. These tents not simply look very nice additionally they sustain higher wind loads, that is crucial in many parts of the country that can experience windy days.

liri tents

What should you look for when you will rent a tent on your party? The very first thing you must seek out is that the company you’re renting a tent from does good, quality work plus they maintain their tents in the most sanitary manner. Ask the tent company if there are any jobs that one could observe and look at to find out how clean their tools are. Most tents are white and must be maintained well so they always look fresh and clean.

The second thing you need to consider is which tent you need to rent for your party. Frame tents could be build on grass or hard surface including asphalt and concrete. You can not start a traditional pole-style tent over a hard surface as a result of the way the structure sits on the hard surface. It is recommended execute a frame tent on hard surfaces. Frame tents also look nicer than traditional pole-style tents because the top is tighter, cleaner plus much more modern looking.

The worst thing you’ll want to consider may be the history of the tent rental company. Obtain references when you are planning to rent a tent from a party rental company. Many times they gives you a directory of great references who can advise you how they did in their last party. Sometimes they will not hand out references of person homeowners, but commercial customers may be given at request.

Tent rentals are a great way to shade your guests your party. Be sure that you research prices and find the best tent rental option for your date.

Party tents are affordable and extremely adaptable for any preference

Have you been planning for a tent wedding? It could be a fantastic decision if you are planning to get married during the summer months. As an elegant method to host a wedding ceremony, you can create your wedding day tent at an open space just like a public garden or even a friend’s place. This type of wedding setup usually matched well with any kind of outdoor wedding style and preference.

party tents and wedding tents

party tents and wedding tents

party tents

party tents

Sophisticated and classy:

Party tents are affordable and extremely adaptable for any preference. These wedding tents can suit individual needs with matching and customised decorations that please everyone making an appearance there. Available in a myriad of size and shapes, wedding party tents may be designed from round, long, rectangular, flat, oval to your pother popular shapes. You can select anyone that looks good together with your area setup and suit your preferences.

Additionally, you may choose a closed tent or have an open tent with poles or without having a wonderful and attractive color liner in almost any bright color. Some tent rentals have special floor for dancing although some incorporate some additional features for giving more space to your guests. Currently, wedding tents with special walls and flaps are offered also that could protect guests from sudden harsh mood of weather including rain, bugs, string gusty winds etc.

Being flexible and, tents can be decorated as reported by the budget and preferences of your couple. From simple decoration to with stylish modern arrangement with flowers, you are able to turn your ordinary tent in to a special spot to exchange the wedding vows.

For more information, please visit Marriage Ceremony Tent and acquire the facts about Tent Rental

Wedding Tents Rental – A Perfect ‘Plan B’ Option

Wedding tents can be a blessing in disguise and are designed to give you options that you thought were not possible…

You are about to embark on the planning and preparation of a wedding and my guess is that it will be a Spring/Summer wedding, and you are thinking about the idea of renting a wedding tent. The idea to host a wedding, or at least the reception in the garden, or on a beach, is an idea that appeals to many brides-to-be.

However, the more you have considered hosting your wedding outside, the more you will have realized that no matter how well you plan in advance for your wedding, the weather is something you simply cannot plan or control. Even in the summer there is always a good chance that it could rain, be windy or a little cooler than what was forecasted. These weather factors could put a strain on your day as you will be worrying what the weather has in store for you, and, if the worst should happen, the guests won’t like to be stuck outdoors in the rain or wind.

Renting a wedding tent is a perfect ‘Plan B’ option for several reasons:

o They are remarkably easy to erect and take down;

o You can choose the size and design to suit your occasion;

o You can decorate them to fit in with the theme of your wedding;

o Your guests can have the option to mingle inside or outside of the tent, depending on the weather;

o Your guests will be impressed with such an elegant structure and convenience;

o You can have your dream ‘outdoor’ wedding without the worry of the weather!

Wedding tents can come in all types of shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs and taste. For example, if you want to hold the whole reception outside, then you can opt for a large marquee type tent that can cover an entire dining room and dance floor included. Or, if you just wanted something small and eloquent to cover a buffet table, for example, then you could simply opt for a small awning.

Obviously the cost of renting wedding tents will vary enormously depending on the size you choose. Therefore it would pay you to shop around and do your research on various wedding tent rental stores to get the best value for your money. You can either do your research online or look in your local Yellow Pages directory to see what wedding tent stores are near you and if they include the price of erecting and taking down the tent for you.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding and are thinking of renting a wedding tent, then I am sure that your head is now buzzing with lots of ideas on what type of wedding tent is right for your occasion, how will you dress it, where exactly to place it in your garden, or favorite beach location. The ideas are endless as to what a great impact a simple wedding tent can do to save your outdoor wedding worries.

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Important Considerations to Make When Choosing Wedding Tents

Wedding tents are very important when it comes to throwing a good wedding party. When planning a wedding, tents are some of the things that you should give a priority. They are available in a wide array therefore, you have a wide selection from which, to choose the most ideal tents for your wedding. Some of the popular types you will find in the market include a party canopy, frame tents, tension tents, pole tents and pop up canopies. They are built differently and vary in size. For this reason, you can always choose a tent that will accommodate your guests comfortably.

Additionally, when choosing your tent, it is vital to consider your flooring and location. Wedding venues vary a great deal. It is therefore essential that you do your homework well and understand how more about the location of your wedding. This will enable you to choose tents that you can comfortably set up. It is good to note that different tents work best in different locations. Therefore, take time to find the most ideal for your specific wedding location and rest assured of reliable services.

tents light

Consider a good color for your tents. They come in a wide range of colors. They range from more traditional to modern colors. For this reason, it is important that you choose colors that match with your wedding theme. Pay attention to the mood and theme of your wedding. This will allow you to choose colors that will make your wedding more colorful and impressive. Some of the best colors you can choose are white and solid white as well as beige. They are attractive and add a decorative touch to your event. More importantly, ensure the tents you choose meet your personal needs best.

Size is also a crucial factor to keep in mind when choosing wedding tents. Tents come in a wide range of sizes. Depending on the number of guests invited for your wedding, it is essential that you choose tents that will provide enough seating. Estimate your seating specifications and the number of chairs as well as tables you will need during the event. This will allow you to choose the best tents that will allow guests to enjoy every bit as the event unfolds.

wedding tents

wedding tents

When choosing wedding tents, it is also essential that you choose the best wedding tents company. There are many companies out there and not all enjoy good reputation for quality service delivery. For this reason, it is imperative that you do your homework well and find a company that is highly professional, has a wealth of experience and offers high quality tents. A good company will help you setup and decorate the tents before the D day. It will also provide essential accessories for the event to make it more colorful. Therefore, take time to research widely online and offline. Seek recommendations from friends and family who have hired a wedding tents company in the past. This will enable you to settle for the right tents that work best for your wedding.

Hosting weddings in wedding tents have become a popular trend and these are some considerations you should make a note of, before buying one for your wedding. Check this site to get more information.

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