If you’re planning on buying or renting a party tent

If you’re planning on buying or renting a party tent on an outdoor event it is very important to set a great deal of forethought into how big tent you must order. Finding out how big a tent you may need for your upcoming private or corporate event isn’t just an event of the amount of guests you are inviting. A number of other inter-related factors must also be taken into consideration in order that your guests are safe and comfortable all the time which your event is really a resounding success.

Obviously, the amount of guests you expect inviting to a event is a vital factor, but ultimately the optimum tent size depends on the event you’re organizing and whether your invited guests are expected being standing or sitting. Like a general proposition, cocktails and other alike type events that offer no seating to guests require approximately eight or ten square feet per person. The same is true of events providing linear seating arrangements such as multiple rows of chairs employed for church ceremonies, presentations or live entertainment. However, in case you are seating your invited guests around round tables, banquet tables, using serpentine tables to produce more elaborate seating arrangements or are planning a dancing and disco style party you should look at allocating roughly 12 to fifteen sq . ft . per person.

Another crucial factor that impacts tent size is the type of entertainment planned for guests. Dancing floors, bars, buffet tables, staging, platforms and podiums occupy a lot of space. If you focus exclusively on the number of invited guests without adding sufficient room for equipment and entertainment your guests may find it difficult to move safely and comfortably. Do not forget to include waiters, bartenders, musicians and other personnel! They need room to operate safely as well without bumping into your guests.

This is simply a guide and you may want to adjust how much space you and your guests truly need when you are responsive to their unique physical characteristics. As an example, if a lot of guests are children, a slightly smaller tent might be sufficient to allow for all your guests comfortably. However, if you’re planning a adult only event, you should look at shooting for a somewhat more spacious tent to make sure that all of your guests feel comfortable.

After you have a difficult idea of the entire number of guests, the personnel and the seating arrangements and entertainment you would like to offer, you are able to see how big a tent you need. As an illustration, if you’re planning a standing party for 200 guests and no other form of entertainment, you will need a tent that is at the very least 30×75 feet covering 2250 feet square. However, should you be inviting you and your guests by sitting around tables you will need a tent that is certainly at least 40×80 so they cover 3200 square feet. In the event you also would like to add a 12×16′ party area, you may naturally have to increase the tent size to 40×100 feet. Within the alternative, you may wish to generate a separate tent beside the top level tent for dancing.

There are several industry standard tent sizes available, and if you’d like special sizes, you can even order tailor made party tents from your tent manufacturer specializing in custom tents and tent-tops. However, prior to ordering anything, ensure that the venue you might have selected can accommodate necessary tent size. Keep in mind that pole tents generally require a different 8 feet around their perimeter for staking which frame tents also require additional space for positioning weights. Many reputable tent and event specialists provide free site checks and will also be more than happy to help you evaluate what size tent is ideal for your distinct needs. So avoid any nasty surprises and refer to them as for advice. 

party tents

party tents



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