Wedding Marquee Theme

Given that you have this beautiful blank canvas to work with in terms of decorating your wedding you could be quite adventurous and theme your decorations.

Wedding Theme ideas:

• Medieval banquet 
• Hawaiian nights 
• Turkish delights 
• 60’s – 80’s theme 
• Hollywood (or Bollywood) theme

If you are planning a themed wedding marquee, do some research on the Internet or in magazines for ideas of colours, fabrics, decorations and floorings. You may also want to let your guests know there is a dress code!

I.e.: For Hollywood themed marquee:

• Red carpet flooring up the centre isle 
• Gold and silver style decorations on tables 
• White table cloths with perhaps gold sequins scattered sparingly on tables 
• Golden lanterns and glitzy wall decorations 
• Posters of Hollywood stars on the walls 
• Guests advised to dress to impress ‘Hollywood style’

Decorating the Walls of the Marquee

Some wedding marquees are already lined or draped with a silky type of fabric. They can be coloured, patterned or plain. Unlined tents are plainer and less expensive. Lanterns, hanging decorations and sari fabrics can be used to liven up plain walls and ceilings.

Decorating the Floor of the Wedding Marquee

Carpet can warm up what might appear to be a colder wedding venue option, though it can be impractical and expensive. Matting is a more familiar marquee flooring option while a hardwood floor offers luxury, weather proofing and a dent in the wallet! If the floor below your marquee is hard, i.e. patio or concrete etc, you can manage without extra flooring and if it is sited on grass, as long as the ground is dry going without flooring can be an adequate an inexpensive option.

Decorating the Poles of a Wedding Marquee

Most marquees don’t have supporting poles, but if they do you can decorate them by winding artificial leaves and flowers around them or a nice transparent, floaty fabric tied up with a giant bow.




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