you will likely want to use a trade show tent

Trade shows are excellent opportunities to promote your business among those interested in and involved in your specific industry. This kind of marketing can help you create a more solid branding for you and your company. However, if you do not take the time to do it right and represent your company properly, this can backfire and create a negative image that you will not soon outgrow. Therefore, it stands to reason that your choice of trade show supplies and equipment is very important in reaching your overall goal of creating a positive image to go with your brand. These supplies are made to be portable, so most items, even furniture are lightweight and collapsible.

show tents

show tents

There are many accessories on the market for someone looking to build a display for an expo or a convention. It is important to set your budget ahead and do some planning so you purchase exactly what you need; you should buy no more and no less. If you plan to distribute promotional materials like brochures, magazines, and white papers, you will need to purchase trade show literature rack. These come in a number of materials and styles; you will want to find the one that most closely matches the style that you envision for the rest of your display.

The trade show booth, itself, is a very important purchase. It may be very expensive like the extravagant truss systems, or you may choose something a little less complex like a simple pop up display. Whichever you choose, you will want to make sure that you utilize graphics, colors, and lighting to your best possible advantage to take advantage of the space you are renting. You may choose to purchase custom products that include your logo or artwork of your choice on the pieces or you can add accessories like table covers and banners to carry these images. There are many suppliers and prices vary, so it is wise to shop around before putting your ideas and money to work.

Lighting is very important. Your investment in expensive equipment that advertises your company and your products and services will be a waste if the information and artwork are lost in the shadows. Trade show lighting is a specific kind of lighting that usually involves lights mounted at the end of long adjustable arms so that they can be clipped to the backdrop, to the side of a table or podium, or to a display case and adjusted so that it illuminates exactly the areas you want to have seen. The right lighting can draw attention to your display from across a crowded event and give you the opportunity to leave the lasting impression you have striven to create.

If the event you are planning to attend is set to take place outdoors, you will likely want to use a trade show tent. These tents are easy to set up and take down, many of them using a modular construction of aluminum or PVC poles. You may use a canopy style tent that just has a canvas top. It may square, rectangular, or even triangular or pyramid shaped. Full tents are also available, which are effective in blocking wind, rain, and other elements from your display, literature, and inventory.



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