The standard layout – One of the

In the US the word ‘marquee’ is not often used to describe a temporary outdoor structure, everything from scout tents to huge two-story temporary buildings are described as one thing -if it is being used for a party then it is a party tent. party tents for sale The standard layout – One of the most commonly used marquee layouts is called the Bylands plan. This can cater for up to 80 guests and consists of 2 sections, one for the stage and the other for the table and chairs, and the entrance coming in from the bottom where the seating area is situated. The stage can be swapped for a dance floor area is required and more suitable.

Tent size also depends on the nature and magnitude of the event. Take into account all aspects of the occasion. If you are planning a small graduation celebration, you may need extra space for a dance floor and bar in addition to chairs and buffet tables. For a much larger celebration, such as a festival or fashion show, estimate the amount of people planning to attend (tickets sold), the space needed for food and beverage areas and the approximate room needed for entertainment, stages and dressing rooms. Keep in mind all these factors when selecting a tent for your occasion. Double Decker Tents for sale and rental This is one reason that wedding tents are so popular – because they allow you to turn any area that you have a connection to or that you find romantic into somewhere that you can decorate and host a party.

A tent reception can be an exceptionally beautiful and unique experience for the bridal couple as well as their guests. The variety and sizes of tents that are available today make finding something that fits your personal style easy and affordable. Clear top tents let you dance beneath the starlit sky and flat top frame tents provide you with an open and welcoming feel without supporting poles blocking the way. You can choose a tent without sides or one with French window sidewalls. Whatever tent you select, you will need the right lighting, flowers, fabrics and favors to make it a gorgeous oasis for your guests. LIRI Pagoda Outdoor Gazebo Tents for Sale The prices of tent rentals vary, depending on the venue of your event. To get a nearly accurate pricing, you can search and compare prices for similar styles and sizes of tents offered by local companies within your area.


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