When organizing a party, it

The canopies that come in different designs, sizes and colors, can be customized to make the party unique. When organizing a party, it is more cost effective to hire than to buy the canopies. Many companies specialize in renting out the tents and party planners can contact these companies to order the fixtures that they need. The cost of hiring the canopies will differ from one company to another. Double Decker Tents for sale and rental Then you should think about the structure of your tent. If you are going to be outside then your tent needs to have sides. Sometimes detachable sides, but you certainly want something to keep the rain off. If you are inside then you may not want to have sides as you may want customers to be able to enter from all angles (although again this will affect the layout of your stand – we have found that having an ‘entry and exit point’ is very helpful) If you are outside you will find that a good tent attracts more visitors as soon as it starts raining, so this can be a doubly good investment!

You can find frame tents in a very wide array of sizes. Whether you are entertaining 20 people or 200, you will be able to accommodate receptions of any size. A 10’x 10′ canopy style with faux windows is perfect for a wedding where you are accompanied by your closest family members. If you are planning a small reception with around 30 close friends, you may want to go with a 16′ x 16′. For a larger party, a 30′ x 30′ tent can accommodate 200 people plus tables, chairs, a band stage and a dance floor. Arch Tent Curve Tent Arcum Tent For Exhibition When planning an outdoor event, you never know what weather is going to come your way. From rain to unbearably hot sun, a tent and canopy can help to deflect the elements and keep everyone in your party happy and healthy.

A majority of tents are plain and simple, with a white top. Nowadays, there are companies that provide lighting, decorations, side walls and other accessories at an additional fee. If you like your tent to be decorated, pricing will vary based on your need and preference. Large Party Tents for Sale from China LIRI Tent Manufacturing The next thing to think about is the more ‘mundane’ requirements: How are you going to transport it? Where are you going to store it and how are you going to dry it if it gets wet?



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