Rope and pole marquees are also

‘marquee’ is used for the higher end structures suitable for weddings and larger functions. Hangar Large Storage Sheds for Sale Rope and pole marquees are also available for party hire. They are ideal for weddings and garden settings. These possess center poles and are available in interior colors such as champagne and ecru. Party equipment available for hiring also include flooring and lighting. Flooring such as carpets, synthetic grass, coir matting, timber floor, pro-floor gray plastic, floor boards, dance floors and timber decking is available at reasonable rates. Hiring services include party equipment hire such as party lighting. The party hire in this category includes roof lighting, wall up lights, disco lights, lanterns, fairy lights, chandeliers, and garden lighting.

Complete your décor with corresponding favors that complement the surrounding motif. Very often, a well thought out favor can be the final touch needed to create a cohesive design for your reception, uniting the various elements around them. Whatever theme you use for your reception, you can use favors to heighten your guests’ experience. From exquisite floral designs to magical butterfly creations, elegant silver to fun-filled beach mementos, has a wide selection of wedding favors that will coordinate with your overall design. Arch Tent Curve Tent Arcum Tent For Exhibition ‘party tent’ is used for structures at the lower end of the market, often made from PE fabric and designed with the domestic market in mind.

The tent’s purpose dictates the number and style of tents you will need. If it is going to serve as the main venue, you will require several pole or frame style tents. If the tent is needed for a trade show booth with two or three people occupying it, a single popup shelter will suffice. Double Decker Tents for sale and rental Since each event is unique, research and planning will help determine the type, size and number of tents you will need to carry out the event.



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