The entrance of the marquee is situated

A large Guest List – this seating plan has a guest list of around 240 people, a chill out area and 2 dance floors. The entrance of the marquee is situated in the middle with the dance floors to the right hand side as you walk in. Straight ahead and left of the entrance is where the chairs and tables will be placed, and in the far left hand side is the chill out area. Hangar Large Storage Sheds for Sale ‘party tent’ is used for structures at the lower end of the market, often made from PE fabric and designed with the domestic market in mind.

The design of your tent is also an important factor – how are you going to brand it – what marketing can you put on the outside and how will customers know who the tent belongs to/be attracted to it from a distance. We use a projector on the inside which shines through and projects images onto it of our logo which looks fantastic in the evenings! Tent size also depends on the nature and magnitude of the event. Take into account all aspects of the occasion. If you are planning a small graduation celebration, you may need extra space for a dance floor and bar in addition to chairs and buffet tables. For a much larger celebration, such as a festival or fashion show, estimate the amount of people planning to attend (tickets sold), the space needed for food and beverage areas and the approximate room needed for entertainment, stages and dressing rooms. Keep in mind all these factors when selecting a tent for your occasion. is a nationwide supplier of rental equipment including clear span tents, portable flooring, carpeting, lighting, mobile air-conditioning, mobile heat and generators. Since 1902, American Pavilion has supplied large party tents for national sporting events like the Super Bowl and Major League Baseball; dozens of fortune 500 companies as well as tents for social events, corporate events, construction applications and disaster relief. If you are planning a large formal function with an attractive entrance then in the US ask for a large party tent with pagoda entrance but in the UK ask for a large marquee with pagoda entrance!



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