This tent is commonly referred to as a peak

The second event tent I will discuss is related to the pole tent but is designed for a more elegant look. This tent is commonly referred to as a peak tent. The peak tent is similar to a traditional pole tent with the exception of a taller center pole that is used to create the high peaks. The high peak tent has a high slope with stylish peaks, smooth curves and a modern profile that will add elegance to any venue The design of your tent is also an important factor – how are you going to brand it – what marketing can you put on the outside and how will customers know who the tent belongs to/be attracted to it from a distance. We use a projector on the inside which shines through and projects images onto it of our logo which looks fantastic in the evenings!

The Fountains layout – a version up from the previous layout includes catering for up to 150 guests and is the same layout as the Bylands but has 2 sets of seating areas one after the other with the stage or dance floor at the end. At any rate parties indoors are often somewhat restricting in terms of how much space there is and they can often be hot and overly dark. There’s a saying that most parties end up in the kitchen – but while this has some truth it’s fair to say that a good proportion of the others end up outdoors where there’s more fresh air, better views and certainly more space. This way people can feel free to move around, can feel cool and less stuffy and you don’t need to worry about them dropping their glasses.

As long as you take enough time to really look around at your options, you should be able to find just what you need. Even though doing this may seem a bit intimidating at first because of all the options you are going to have, eventually you will be able to decide on the right one for your wedding. There are going to be lots of different wedding tents in a variety of sizes and shapes, so make sure you choose one that can meet all of your needs exactly. wedding tents for sale Tables, Chairs and Linens: After a venue and a tent, you need is matching tables, chairs and linens. These items definitely set the moos. As per your preferences, you can choose anything from large, round, and square tables where guests can sit during cocktail hour. For making the wedding more elegant, you can choose white or gold chairs. If you prefer wooden chairs, choices are endless for you.



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