‘marquee’ is used for the higher end

These tents are used for a variety of applications including sporting events, corporate meetings, graduations, weddings, temporary storage, and many other types of events. Double Decker Tents for sale and rental ‘marquee’ is used for the higher end structures suitable for weddings and larger functions.

This is what party tents can offer guests – with a nicely ventilated space that opens naturally in the garden or another open area, and with the view of the stars right ahead. At the same time though by using party tents you also have many advantages over having a party based entirely outdoors. For one it means that should it start raining you aren’t all going to get soaked and in fact it will probably be quite nice to huddle under the tent in the rain. At the same time party tents give you shelter from insects and during the day shelter from too much sun. They also ensure that your guests don’t feel as though they’re being ‘kicked out’ and prevent them from walking around in muddy puddles or stepping in anything unpleasant. Once you have hired your marquee, and ordered your equipment, and table, and chairs, and DJ and everything else you need for your party or event the one thing left to do is arrange how it will fit together. Such as where will the stage go, and where will the table and chairs go in relation to the stage, and where should the entrance be corresponding to the bar.

However by using portable shelters it’s possible to erect a shelter wherever you want it and that then means that there is no longer any limit on where you can host an event. LIRI Pagoda Outdoor Gazebo Tents for Sale And of course, in the event of poor weather, such as rain, wind or snow, your guests, equipment and refreshments will be sheltered from these seasonal elements. They will all thank you for consulting an event rentals company.


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