Whether you are entertaining 20 people or

You can find frame tents in a very wide array of sizes. Whether you are entertaining 20 people or 200, you will be able to accommodate receptions of any size. A 10’x 10′ canopy style with faux windows is perfect for a wedding where you are accompanied by your closest family members. If you are planning a small reception with around 30 close friends, you may want to go with a 16′ x 16′. For a larger party, a 30′ x 30′ tent can accommodate 200 people plus tables, chairs, a band stage and a dance floor. LIRI Pagoda Outdoor Gazebo Tents for Sale Spring is almost upon us and the party tent rental season is almost here. While rental companies are gearing up for the season, tent renters are starting to plan their events. When renting a tent for an event there are many factors when choosing a style of tent for various event such as graduations weddings and picnics. Of the many styles of tents to choose from, I will provide you with information of the four most popular.

There remains a substantial middle area of crossover with heavier duty tents and cheaper marquees making the distinction difficult to manage. Large Party Tents for Sale from China LIRI Tent Manufacturing The design of your tent is also an important factor – how are you going to brand it – what marketing can you put on the outside and how will customers know who the tent belongs to/be attracted to it from a distance. We use a projector on the inside which shines through and projects images onto it of our logo which looks fantastic in the evenings!

If you live in an area that gets very cold weather but you still want to entertain outside, make sure you get a tents and canopy with a high ceiling so that you can bring in heat lamps when necessary. But there are other ways to keep your guests happy as well. Some canopy tents are mainly ceilings supported by poles, but others are walled in on at least two sides, which will help your guests maintain a pleasant temperature throughout your event. If these sides detach, it makes your tent all the more versatile. Polyester tent manufacturers in south africa Best of all, because the portable shelter is your own, and you are not renting out a venue, this then means that you can host a wedding in wedding tents for a lot less than you would pay to hire a venue. All you need is to find a patch of land and to buy or rent your shelter and you have created a perfect bespoke place to hold your event. And because the tent is yours in cases where you bought it, this also then means that you are able to do whatever you please to decorate it exactly as you would have wished meaning your event will probably actually look more beautiful and closer to how you imagine it as a result.


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