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The tent’s purpose dictates the number and style of tents you will need. If it is going to serve as the main venue, you will require several pole or frame style tents. If the tent is needed for a trade show booth with two or three people occupying it, a single popup shelter will suffice. So why party tents? Well if you’ve ever had a party in your own home then you will know what a nightmare that can be. This means having people trample on your carpets and spill drinks, it means having people knock things over – and all of that is as embarrassing for them as it is upsetting for you. House parties while often great fun are unfortunately a great stress and a lot of work.

The prices of tents vary, depending on the style and size that will meet your requirements. To determine the price of a tent, you need the number of guests, the seating choices and embellishments to know the size of the area needed. The prices of tents range form $100 to more than $2000, depending on the style and size. Gazebos and canopies are universally smaller often folding structures designed primarily at the domestic consumer. These are designed with convenience prioritised over durability, they can be erected in a matter of seconds and due to the clever folding design are put away with the roof in place.

This is what party tents can offer guests – with a nicely ventilated space that opens naturally in the garden or another open area, and with the view of the stars right ahead. At the same time though by using party tents you also have many advantages over having a party based entirely outdoors. For one it means that should it start raining you aren’t all going to get soaked and in fact it will probably be quite nice to huddle under the tent in the rain. At the same time party tents give you shelter from insects and during the day shelter from too much sun. They also ensure that your guests don’t feel as though they’re being ‘kicked out’ and prevent them from walking around in muddy puddles or stepping in anything unpleasant. Large Party Tents for Sale from China LIRI Tent Manufacturing When referring to clear span tents, another often asked question is why is clearspan spelled differently by so many people? The correct spelling is two words, “clear” and “span”, but within the tent rental industry you will see it spelled many different ways.



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