They offer their services for all small

They offer catering services for all private parties, social events and corporate functions. They offer their services for all small and large gatherings. They insist on clean, well conditioned and quality marquees. These party marquees are suitable for all venues and surfaces such as tennis court, parks, private homes and public places. These stylish and well-designed marquees are especially prepared by trained staff to match the highest standards. These are made to be weather-proof for the convenient of the users. When you decide to hold a party outdoors, you must consider some form of shelter. Extreme weather can ruin a beautiful event and bring it to a premature end. If you want your engagement party to be elegant and festive, you should consider using party canopies. The guests can be protected from the elements while still enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

The second event tent I will discuss is related to the pole tent but is designed for a more elegant look. This tent is commonly referred to as a peak tent. The peak tent is similar to a traditional pole tent with the exception of a taller center pole that is used to create the high peaks. The high peak tent has a high slope with stylish peaks, smooth curves and a modern profile that will add elegance to any venue Traditional pole tents: If you want to save a great deal of money, try using traditional pole tents. These tents can be easily installed and taken out without much trouble. However, these tents are not used as a popular choice for special events like weddings. You need to put in weights to make them work for you.

If the hired company does not provide staff to put up the structures, make sure you get people who are experienced to erect them. This will help to prevent any accidents or incidents during the party. Make sure all the canopies you get are similar or follow a set theme. Having too many different styles of canopies might make the party look like a carnival or a children’s party. Do not go overboard with the decorations or the colors. Double Decker Tents for sale and rental We will begin with the most common and the oldest to the tent rental industry the pole tent. A pole tent requires a set of poles arranged beneath the vinyl top to support the structure. The pole tent top is tensioned over the poles and attached to anchoring devices at tensioning points around the pole tent tops perimeter. The pole tent top is anchored to the surface generally using stakes. On smaller tents it is also possible to anchor the tents using weights. Many rental companies offers 2 types of anchoring systems for our pole tent tops: traditional rope and our ratchet buckle system.



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