They offer their services for

They offer catering services for all private parties, social events and corporate functions. They offer their services for all small and large gatherings. They insist on clean, well conditioned and quality marquees. These party marquees are suitable for all venues and surfaces such as tennis court, parks, private homes and public places. These stylish and well-designed marquees are especially prepared by trained staff to match the highest standards. These are made to be weather-proof for the convenient of the users. party tents for sale If you’re after purchasing an outdoor structure then DIY Marquees offers both marquees and party tents for sale as well as offering advice on organising your event and an interactive planning tool to plan your desired layout.

Tents come is a vast assortment of sizes, shapes and styles. When choosing the right tent for your event, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. Preparing for this process allows you to save time, money and trouble. To start with, gather the information you need. To determine the cost of renting a tent for your wedding event, take the following into consideration: used commercial tents for sale Rope and pole marquees are also available for party hire. They are ideal for weddings and garden settings. These possess center poles and are available in interior colors such as champagne and ecru. Party equipment available for hiring also include flooring and lighting. Flooring such as carpets, synthetic grass, coir matting, timber floor, pro-floor gray plastic, floor boards, dance floors and timber decking is available at reasonable rates. Hiring services include party equipment hire such as party lighting. The party hire in this category includes roof lighting, wall up lights, disco lights, lanterns, fairy lights, chandeliers, and garden lighting.

Size is the most important consideration when choosing a tent and requires common sense. Rent a tent large enough for guests to move freely without overcrowding. Oppositely, do not rent a tent too large for a small group because it will seem empty and desolate if there is unused room. Try to find a size that fits a little larger than your needs; that way, you will have the extra room if necessary. Beyond protecting your guests from the elements, frame tents look nice! You can turn a simple backyard into an elegant venue. The coverings for these typically come in canvas or polyester and since they are available in white, they add a beautiful touch to the event. You can find versions that are peaked for an extra special touch. Some have gathered fabric curtaining on the sides that can be pulled closed if needed. Others have zip in screening. This is really nice for an evening reception in the middle of summer. Trying to eat with little gnats, flies and mosquitoes flying around and landing on food is just not appetizing. With screening, you can create a sheltered and enclosed area for your guests while still allowing the ambiance that you are seeking with an outdoor event.



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