By creating a space customized

The versatility and practicality of tent rentals – large or small, indoor or outdoor, winter or summer – give you the freedom to build an authentic venue tailored to your event. By creating a space customized to your event needs, it permits greater flexibility and control, whereby increasing the odds of a more successful occasion. LIRI Party Marquee Tent for Event,Party,Wedding The prices of tents vary, depending on the style and size that will meet your requirements. To determine the price of a tent, you need the number of guests, the seating choices and embellishments to know the size of the area needed. The prices of tents range form $100 to more than $2000, depending on the style and size.

The Fountains layout – a version up from the previous layout includes catering for up to 150 guests and is the same layout as the Bylands but has 2 sets of seating areas one after the other with the stage or dance floor at the end. wedding tents for sale Seating plans are governed by how many people will be attending the event which in turn will decipher how many table and chairs you’ll need. These can then be arranged in a few different ways depending on the shape of the marquee.

Events, circuses, camps, weddings, fetes, flea markets, exhibitions; tents find use in almost every sphere. Whatever the case, budget is a consideration, you cannot sideline because eventually, the tent that you go for would in great part depend on what you can afford. To get an overview, the price of the tent depends on its type, material, size and the additional features it offers. While an event tent could cost you anywhere between $400 and $5000, wedding tents in particular are usually priced on the higher side. Most people use their tents and canopy for parties in the summer, white is the most traditional color. It evokes cool comfort, looks lightweight and complements any party décor or theme. But you can see tents and canopy in a wide range of colors, including purple, blue, green and black.


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