This is due to in-tent heating and cooling

Tent rentals are not only limited to summer months and can be used outdoors throughout the year. This is due to in-tent heating and cooling systems that control the temperature inside the tent. In winter, heating systems protect guests against the cold, and in the summer, air conditioning systems keep guests cool and comfortable. Arch Tents Event Tents with Glass Walls Sold Briskly You then need to think about the flooring – do you want a raised floor (make sure you think about wheelchair access), or a carpeted floor, do you want or need the flexibility to choose?

Then you should think about the structure of your tent. If you are going to be outside then your tent needs to have sides. Sometimes detachable sides, but you certainly want something to keep the rain off. If you are inside then you may not want to have sides as you may want customers to be able to enter from all angles (although again this will affect the layout of your stand – we have found that having an ‘entry and exit point’ is very helpful) If you are outside you will find that a good tent attracts more visitors as soon as it starts raining, so this can be a doubly good investment! Large Party Tents for Sale from China LIRI Tent Manufacturing Spring is almost upon us and the party tent rental season is almost here. While rental companies are gearing up for the season, tent renters are starting to plan their events. When renting a tent for an event there are many factors when choosing a style of tent for various event such as graduations weddings and picnics. Of the many styles of tents to choose from, I will provide you with information of the four most popular.

A tent reception can be an exceptionally beautiful and unique experience for the bridal couple as well as their guests. The variety and sizes of tents that are available today make finding something that fits your personal style easy and affordable. Clear top tents let you dance beneath the starlit sky and flat top frame tents provide you with an open and welcoming feel without supporting poles blocking the way. You can choose a tent without sides or one with French window sidewalls. Whatever tent you select, you will need the right lighting, flowers, fabrics and favors to make it a gorgeous oasis for your guests. Conversely you may have had parties in venues that you’ve hired out and you will usually find that these are very expensive for what you get – and in some cases this also includes a ‘minimum tab’ on the bar ensuring you all come away rinsed and with your shoes sticky.


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