Take time to consider how big you want the party tent to be

If you would like to advertise a second hand or ex hire marquee or event equipment for sale you can visit [http://www.marquee-sale.com/] is a website set up to provide a one stop shop in support of the marquee and events industry. The site has two main functions; a marketplace for selling and buying second hand marquees/associated event equipment and a forum for marquee companies and industry suppliers to use as an information resource aiding communication within the industry. Large party tent Pole dressings and curtains are often part of a wedding party package. These materials are meant to dress up a tent, and more appropriately, hide the crude poles that hold the tent. They can be of vinyl or white cloth and are draped in poles that make them part of the ceremony’s decorations. Stage sets and lighting are also commonly rented by party firms. Lighting for special occasions are usually not just to provide illumination but also to set the mood of the occasion. Stage sets, on the other hand, are elevated platforms where ceremonies are held. They can be carpeted, made of parquet materials or just a simple platform that carries the color theme of the celebration.

Size: Take time to consider how big you want the party tent to be. Portable party tents come in different sizes depending on what you want to use them for. As such, knowing the number of people you intend to invite for the event will give you a clue of the size that you need for your portable party tent. Best price party tent The answer, a dedicated website design specifically to support the marquee industry. Such a website can aid, not just the sale of marquees but all associated event equipment including, chairs, tables, marquee lighting, event toilets, portable dance floors etc. So if you have marquees for sale or any event equipment you might want to consider the following points to make sure you get the most out of listing your equipment online:

event tents

event tents


a second hand marquee or event equipment is not going to be perfect, but be honest about the condition of equipment and take a photo of any damage so that the buyer can easily decide whether they want to proceed. Erecting a shelter can be challenging sometimes especially when you are hosting a big party. Party tents have simplified things due to their ease of erecting and availability. Currently, there are many companies from which one can rent tents from and even get professionals to erect them in their venues.

A lot of couples want their weddings at home which to them provide an aura of intimacy, familiarity, and comfortableness. As such, wedding marquees are the most appropriate set-up for these weddings. There are a number of reasons why marquees are the best option. Large party tents Tepee Style Wedding Marquee: These resemble party tents which are built on a tripod arrangement of poles. This tent has exposed beams and interior ropes. This marquee looks less formal compared to other types of marquees. They provide a casual place for meeting people and starting conversations.


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