Wedding receptions are a way that these tents are often being used nowadays

The author is the owner of LIRI Tent Manufacturing Company, which is a renowned wedding marquees manufacturer that comes up with customized and tailor made, cost effective wedding tent for sale for its customers. Tents for hotel-Hotel tents for sale Party tents all have different characteristics, and the most important consideration in choosing the right one is what supports it. The frame style is set up relatively easily, but the number of guests it can accommodate is somewhat limited. The variety of tent that’s supported by poles in the center can come in a wide range of sizes. The frame styles usually don’t have the poles extending from the center of the structure. Each style has a variety of different uses and you should discuss your needs with the supplier prior to purchasing your tent.

Wedding receptions are a way that these tents are often being used nowadays. The ability to keep the whole concept of the wedding and the reception outside during the nice weather is becoming a very popular option that many couples are opting to do. This enables them to keep everything outside, which is a wonderful thought especially when it is nice out. Gazebo Marquees Tents are much more than what they used be in earlier days. Today, you can get a tent with air conditioning or heating, and you can even get a tent that has temporary flooring. Tent rentals will run you anywhere from around $400 to $10,000 depending on your needs, when you are having your wedding and the area you are holding your wedding.

If it is true that there is going to be dining, then a proper area should be arranged for serving a buffet or meals under the tent. Again, you might want to include a dancing floor for the occasion and this may include a space for the DJ or even a certain piece of band to embrace the occasion. When it comes to location of the tent, an urban backyard would require a smaller tent as compared to that of an open prairie. Whatever your option is, you should calculate the number of seats depending on your guest list. Calculating the square footage is inevitable. For instance, a one hundred square footage would do for round dinner table with about ten people. If your option is the banquet tables, then planning for 80 square feet per table will help accommodate 8 people. Party tents are also easy to decorate and this gives you an empty space you can work with to create precisely the mood and ambiance you are going for. There will have plenty of space to dance should you want it, but at the same time you will also be able to use as many tables and chairs as you like meaning this is appropriate even for dinner parties. There are many things you can do with party tents and their versatility means that you can also recycle them for future events – meaning you’re sure to become someone who is known for throwing a good party.

3. Tent Structure. This will depend upon the temperature and weather circumstances while you camp. There are several tent structures that you can choose from but you should select the one that suits your needs best first before making your decision. However when they do, such items are often bought in very large numbers, and if you are able to provide them, then you can easily make some good money out of them. If you are thinking of doing this, however, there are a number of things you would need to think about. These include:


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